gallons of water

It’s been two weeks and a day since I’ve started drinking a gallon of water everyday and the changes are subtle, but powerful. I took on this challenge because I realized I wasn’t drinking enough during the day and would hop into bed thirsty. If I drank water then, I’d wake up to pee and if I didn’t, I’d have trouble falling asleep. I also felt like my skin was breaking out more frequently than it used to and I wondered if a lack of water was the cause. Here’s what’s happened so far, both positive and negative side effects:

  1. I feel stronger during my workouts- PRO. I don’t know the scientific reasoning behind this, but my estimated guess is that the body needs a lot of water to function (okay, duh) and the more you put into it, the better results that you get. I will couple this along with working out in the morning and having more energy, also eating better, but I’ve seen improvements in just a few days of work.
  2. My appetite has lessened-PRO. Water cannot sustain me energy-wise like nutrient-filled food, but it does prevent me from over-eating and forces me to listen to my body’s signals.
  3. I always have to pee-CON. Sometimes having to pee can be pretty darn inconvenient, especially when it’s all the time, but everything has its sacrifices.
  4. Detoxing the body naturally-PRO. I spoke on this earlier in the week on the topic of detoxing the body, but it’s worth mentioning. When you drink only water, tea, coffee, and an occasional alcoholic beverage and soda, you take in fewer calories and you help guide out the toxins that make their way in.
  5. Always thirsty-CON. Again, I’m not a scientist and I don’t know why this is the case, but I find myself to feel thirstier than normal when I haven’t had water in awhile. For instance, I went to the beach in the morning and didn’t have anywhere to replenish my water bottle and boy did I feel it!

I don’t have a scale, so I tend to measure my weight by how I feel and how my clothes fit, and it’s only been over two weeks, so I’m not sure if drinking more water will help me lose weight, but not everything health-wise has to have that as the conclusion. At this point, I’ve realized I feel better when I drink enough water and that’s what matters.


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