meal prep round 2

Meal prep makes the week so much easier, not to mention healthier. Many times I’ll go vegetarian for my pre-made lunches, since I eat a lot of chicken for dinners, but this week, I was feeling like the classic chicken stir-fry, made a little differently.

This took me a total of 45 minutes, including prepping and cleaning.

Step one was to chop up my veggies of choice. I wanted to taste the rainbow, so I opted for red bell pepper, summer squash, carrots, green beans, and broccoli. I guess I really like my green veggies. Once chopped, I threw them on a pan and sprinkled everything with cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, and olive oil.


Next was time to focus on the chicken. I bought boneless chicken thighs because they were on sale, but any kind of boneless chicken will do. I sprinkled them with the same spices above and tossed them onto a hot pot of olive oil.


I never know how long to cook chicken for and I’m paranoid, but here they are almost finished.


As the veggies roasted and chicken cooked, I also threw on a large pot of brown rice. Once the chicken was done to my liking, I sliced it up and threw it on top of a bed of rice and veggies for four days of lunches.


Daily, I add a drizzle of BBQ sauce for a bit more flavor. I also serve it to myself (ha!) with a handful of almonds for my essential fat intake.


So easy, fast, and tasty!


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