treadmill fail

Last night, I was running on the treadmill, almost at the end, and finishing up with some sprints. Rather than awkwardly try to lower the speed for 10 seconds of rest, I hop off to the sides, usually gracefully, or well, fine enough. I must’ve felt tired, or clumsy, or just myself, because I almost hopped right onto the person next to me’s treadmill, which would have made me go flying. Thankfully, my upper body strength is topnotch and I was able to catch myself on the railings and lift my body up. Had I not been able to support myself, I surely would have hurt myself and probably the person next to me. As it stands, I’m not certain anyone even noticed because I looked around and no one was laughing or giving me funny looks. Win.

While I was running, I started to feel nauseous, which is never fun when you aren’t moving around like a sweaty, crazy mess. It’s funny how when you aren’t feeling spectacular, you never crave healthy foods. I managed to stuff down some asparagus, but I was all about the pasta.

This week’s workouts are 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off x 4. My body does not love the timed sets and reps deal, but the system is effective. Plyometrics in particular are tough because the motion is constant. Death by Squat Jumps = me. Call me crazy (many do), but I actually enjoy the immense satisfaction in the pain that accompanies a solid workout days later. It means I did something productive.

That’s all for Wednesday.

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