food, in pictures

Update on the fly: it’s still here, in my room. I’m starting to suspect devious intent.

I told myself I’d snap pictures of all my meals this week, but I broke that habit awhile ago and it was hard to remember all the time.

My one photographed breakfast: instant oatmeal (Trader Joe’s variety so it’s less icky with fake stuff, but quick in the morning) with an egg and cheese on a piece of toast. Fresh blueberries and banana were swirled into the oatmeal.


My lunch of the week was sesame chicken with broccoli and red pepper made in the crockpot. I found a quick, easy, and few-ingredient recipe to whip up in 4 hours and it hit the spot, every day. Served with brown rice.

IMG_0726 2

My healthiest snack of the week were these carrots and almonds.


One dinner this week was a giant spinach salad with veggies, chopped nuts, and grilled chicken. The grilled zucchini was an excellent complement to the uncooked peppers, carrots, and spinach.


A second dinner was a chicken, veggie, quinoa alfredo. Quinoa does not cook glamorously in the microwave, but it does cook fast.


Not a lot, but not too bad. Next week will be better.

Happy Thursday- let the countdown to the weekend commence!


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