I’ve eaten some great meals lately. My meals are not the problem, it’s the eating inbetween that I need to watch! The holidays did a number on me, but I’m feeling better and back on track.

Let’s take a look.

Saturday pancake breakfast.



Breakfast sandwich: eggs, cheese, toast.



Eggs, a piece of toast, and an unseen strawberry smoothie.



Yogurt, berries, and walnuts for a snack.



Chicken, broccoli, ziti (with red pepper). Kind of a soup dish, but definitely delicious. Ate this when it was still burning hot because I needed to make a movie time. Worth it.



Steak caesar tacos because life is awesome. With spinach.



The secret to cooking anything covered in bread crumbs on a stove top is to do it for a long time over low heat. This piece of fish was divine and paired with brown rice, spinach, broccoli, and covered with sesame ginger sauce.



The one lunch that made it in here. Tacos with cheese, deli turkey, spinach, tomato, sour cream, and sriracha.



Workouts as of late included that hike from the other day.



Monday’s upper body strength workout included lots of work on the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. So much so that I’m still sore in the triceps, though that could have been manipulated further by my chest/back workout on Tuesday. My workout on Wednesday was lower body. Every day was topped with some core and cardio: biking, running, elliptical(ling). I’ve got one last formal workout of the week before my friend Katie comes for the weekend.

Eat well. Live well. Feel well.

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