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Well, we’re already at Thursday, which seems strange. For whatever reason, I feel out of sorts being back in LA. Not in a bad way, it’s just strange and funny how quickly you can adjust to being home.

Breakfast was an egg and egg-white omelet with cheese, toast, and blueberries.


I snacked on a Greek yogurt with raspberries, walnuts, and a sprinkling of honey.


More of the same for lunch: ravioli, chicken sausage, assortment of veggies.


I had a cookie for my afternoon snack, but it was an excellent life choice and also happened to fuel me through my workout.

Speaking of workouts, it was chest and back day, which was completed with core and a quick burst of cardio. This week, I’ve been focused on 3 sets of 12 at medium weight. The revolutioners have arrived, which means my small gym is very crowded, but not too bad. Everyone should get moving!

Back home, I wanted to try salmon a different way: in foil. Ready to go with soyaki.


The finished product is not pretty, but it was yummy. Salmon, slightly undercooked quinoa- sue me, I tried to cook it in the microwave because cooking one serving of quinoa is HARD- and a side of brussels sprouts. While the salmon was cooking, I munched on a hunk of a salad.


As I type this, I’m also watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, about a young woman who moves to West Covina, CA, and I’m just now realizing that it mirrors my life in some way. For the record, I moved to LA to write, not to stalk an ex-boyfriend, I PROMISE, but she gets a new job, tries to make new friends, and struggles. Real, too real.

Crush your Thursday!

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