healthy living

Well lookie here, a back-to-back post. It’s sad that we’ve come to this. I’m still thrown off by the fact that it’s already Wednesday, but it doesn’t suck! I can start planning my weekend already, woot.

Since the New Year, aka the end of endless treats, I’ve been making an effort to be healthier. I’ve put on a few pounds, which is nothing I can’t handle, but I haven’t felt as healthy as usual. To get back on track, I downloaded an app to track my meals, which prevents me from mindless eating.

For breakfast, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and two hard-boiled eggs. I had grapes in my bag and forgot about them.

Lunch was ravioli, chicken sausage, zucchini, spinach, and red bell pepper. Meal prep makes life so much easier, especially healthy eating.

I snacked on a cheesestick and some wheat thins in the afternoon to prepare for my workout, which we’ll get to in a moment.

I threw together some cod tacos with salsa verde, tostitos, broccoli, and half a sweet potato for dinner, which is the only picture I can grace you with.


Back to that fresh start, I’ve upped my workouts. Since yesterday was upper body weight training, I followed it up today with lower body body weights and plyometrics. I finished with some core work before hopping on the treadmill and racking up those steps. Hopping around might not look smooth, but it felt great and got the heart pumping. For the record, running after suffering through some wall sits is excruciating, but well worth it.

Something unexpected that makes my workouts easier are the new head phones I purchased with my new phone. It was one of those things the salesman mentioned at the end and I was hesitant because I’ve been bamboozled before, but I’m quite pleased with my first pair of wireless headphones. I usually don’t listen to music when I strength train because I had no where to put my phone (unless I stuffed it in my bra, tmi?). Game changer. And my phone doesn’t take such a beating while I exercise.

This is a random thing to end on, but I started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend after having it on my list for awhile and I love it. It’s funny, smart, relatable, and a musical. Win-win-win-win.

Happy Hump-Day!

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