Breathe In, Breathe Out, DON’T Hit Send

Da Cubs! (Like Da Bears, but with Cubs. Get it?)


I’m glad that my Red Sox weren’t part of that game 7 the other night because it was insane. Fun, but crazy and nerve-wracking and I’ve never felt so happy and so sad for the same reason with such intensity.

On another note, this election is tearing me apart. I have to physically and emotionally restrain myself from commenting on other people’s Facebook pages to keep the peace and ensure that I don’t isolate loved ones when this is all over. It will be my birthday. I expect birthday love. I just don’t understand how the choice can be so clear and people so ignorant.

But…instead of obsessing over this, I’m gonna post some long-awaited food pics.





I really think in another life, I could have been a chef. When I put in time and effort, I’m pretty good at this cooking thing. And it’s mostly healthy- except for the sweet tooth thing. My sweet tooth needs to RELAX.

It’s Friday, friends. Next week is a big one. Momentous. I turn 27.

Oh, and also, we have the biggest election day of all of our lives. I hope my Grandma gets to see the first female president elected. My Grandma is awesome. So is Hillary Clinton.


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