Nasty November

All you Bad Hombres and Nasty Women, let’s bring it to the polls in November.

That debate last night was…sad. It’s sad that politics have come to this. If I can find a clever way of being “Nasty Hillary” or maybe even “Puppet Hillary” for Halloween, I will. Unfortunately, I’m not creative in such regards. We’re getting close to the election date and I’m scared, excited, and relieved all at once.

Moving on…

Breakfast was a big bowl of oats.


Lunch was salad and soup (not pictured).


Dinner was fish tacos with asparagus– not photographed because I was hungry girl and devoured immediately upon sitting. Also, I was distracted by the debate.

No gym time thanks to a late day, the debate, and a tired body. I’ll be able to hit it harder and stronger tonight!

Tis Thursday, which means we can officially start talking about the weekend. Hit it.

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