#ThrowBackThursday to that time I met Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Oh, sorry, too soon to be a throwback?

Wednesday morning started precariously with me waking up only seconds before my alarm, which is cruel when you think you can go back to sleep. Traffic was bad and I fell and hit my knee pretty hard, but once I was at work and sipping on some coffee, I decided I wasn’t going to let those beginnings define my day. Power of positive thinking works and I had a standard, stellar Wednesday!

My meals are probably feeling a little boring to you, but I’ll share them anyway.

Breakfast featured another bowl of oats with the fixings (walnuts, raisins, banana) with a scoop of peanut butter to make things creamier.


Lunch was more of the same with quinoa and beans, brussels sprouts, and spinach with soyaki. My post-workout dinner was grilled chicken and pasta with a whopping salad that hit the spot.


Said workout was strength training (back, biceps, and core) with a dosage of cardio on the spin bike. Nothing particularly interesting occurred, but I’ll take that any day!

Rock on, Thursday!

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