Post-Celebrity Meeting Life

In all the excitement of yesterday, I didn’t even touch upon the sadness that is David Ortiz retiring. In Boston, we’ve been lucky to have some stellar sport stars over the years, including Tom Brady and my personal favorite Nomar Garciaparra (who okay, maybe, is not quite up to their level but he COULD HAVE BEEN). Nobody quite is as beloved as Big Papi, in part thanks to his help in breaking an 86 year curse; for being clutch, lovable, and fun; and for his words after the Boston Bombing in 2013 when he reminded us that it was our f****** city and no one else could take it from us.

Though I’m sad to see him go and can’t even imagine what a Red Sox team looks like without him as DH, I’m happy to see him leave on top, still hitting like he’s in the prime of his career, and giving us his all.

Thankfully, we’ve still got a post-season in which to look forward, hopefully very far into it, like say, another World Series ring for the big man.

Image found on Google. I’ve never been close enough to snap this.

Monday didn’t provide as much excitement as Sunday, but it was still a solid day. I decided for now to not wake up super early, but instead exercise after work. Thankfully I’m constantly on my feet on the job, so I already had 11,000 steps when I walked into the gym. My workout consisted of triceps, chest, and core with some quality time on the spin bike.

Breakfast was simple. Peanut butter, jelly, toast, fruit. Do you like my banana/strawberry design? It was inspired. I had to cut a chunk off the banana thanks to decay.


For lunches this week, I made another large vat of quinoa and beans, this time of the red bean variety. I added some Brussels sprouts and spinach with soyaki. Not only does it taste great at lunch, but it’s so easy to assemble at night.


After my workout, I was ready for dinner. I put together a large salad with grilled chicken tacos. So good! I had a couple of chips with hummus as well.


As I ate, I caught up on the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers. To end my night, I wrote some more (something that I’ve been consistent with!), read for a bit, and fell into happy sleep.

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