Driving Girl

I sent this picture to my mom and I realized later that my dress…


…matches my comforter! This shows how coordinated I am with myself. My future may lie in a cross between interior decorating and fashion, except a person has an outfit for every item in his/her house. I lost interest in my own project/joke, sorry. Other than the horrifying smile upon my face, I think it comes together nicely.

In other news, I had every intention of waking up super early Thursday morning to fit in a workout, but I had first-day nerves and couldn’t fall asleep in time. I brought my workout clothes to go after, but then I decided it was time for a rest day as I haven’t had one in awhile. My GPS went bonkers when I tried to switch, but thankfully, I was close enough to my apartment that I navigated my way home successfully. I’ll call that a win!

Breakfast was cheesy eggs, toast, and lots of fruit.


Chicken and veggie stir fry with brown rice for lunch.


For dinner, cod, spinach, and the rest of my quinoa dish.


Have a great Friday! I’ll catch ya after this weekend!

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