Weekend Things

Today has been a challenging one technologically speaking. My GPS wouldn’t work on my phone, the presidential debate won’t stream, and I’ve been trying to send these pictures from my phone to my computer all afternoon. Finally here we are.

Sometimes life tests patience! I also learned that I am screwed directionally wise without assistance.

A lot of this weekend was spent finishing settling down and doing work, but I had fun too!

Friday night started off with a workout. A run and a quick yoga cycle helped me along with my fancy dinner.


I went out with my friends, Brad and Reid. Pretending to be chic.


There’s always two ends on a spectrum.

On Saturday, I slept in later than is to be respected, but enjoyed an omelet, with an English muffin, peanut buttery banana, and berries.


I took the day off from exercise, but walked to the local Starbucks to use the internet. Not a bad walk and I was able to spend a good chunk of the day sitting outside in the warmth.

I made a quick bowl of pasta with a salad, but must not have snapped a picture before devouring. My dinner was small considering the two previous large meals. Grilled chicken in BBQ and spinach.


Saturday night, I watched a movie with my friend Brad. It was okay, beautiful imagery and decent storyline before calling it a night.

Sunday called for a pancake breakfast! I used the protein Kodiak cake mix, but spruced it up with a mashed banana, vanilla, and oats. Topped with some syrup and enjoyed with berries!


My workout consisted of triceps, chest, and core action with a spin on the bike. My recovery meal:


Scrambled eggs on an English muffin and a large salad.

For dinner, I tried something a little different. Parmesan cod (not sure that’s even a thing) with zoodles and red pepper. It was delicious! Cod is easily my favorite fish. I want to like salmon more than I do, but cod is versatile and doesn’t have an overwhelming taste.


Most of the weekend was spent writing, so I can only call that productive. I’m hoping to do some touristy things this week.

Happy Monday!




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