Weekend Recap

What a whirlwind weekend it’s been! I feel like it’s been 100 days, not just 2, but then again, it flew by all the same. On Friday, I started my morning in the best way- breakfast with mom!- before wishing her well on her way to her conference. For a few hours, I got some work done before heading downstairs to the finally opened hotel gym. The treadmill couldn’t even tell me distance, time, or calories, but thankfully, that’s what my fitness watch is for so I at least had the time running.


After showering and checking out of the hotel, I officially moved into my apartment and spent some time meandering around my new city, checking out nearby stores and organizing my room to see what I’ll need. There’s still some things I need to get together before I’m ready for the big reveal, but it should be soon!

I picked my mom up at the metro station in downtown before heading out for a shopping spree to get the necessities. Moving across country limits what you can bring, so I needed quite a few items. Thank goodness for moms who know what they’re doing. Or maybe it’s just my mom who manages to be spectacular.

We ended up making about three trips to Target in one night, and again the next morning, and by the time we got home, it was way past dinner time. Rather than hit up questionable looking fast food, we headed back to my place where I made my first meal! Fitting that it should be breakfast food, as that is my specialty!


Sleep was definitely much needed!

Saturday started with an amazing breakfast at a local spot. We sat outside and enjoyed the morning before making another trip to Target. My mom has never been to California before, so I took her to a few hotspots the rest of the morning, including down Rodeo Drive, to the Farmer’s Market. and The Grove. We got back just in time for my superstar cousin, Meghan, to come drop off a couch she no longer needed. Seriously clutch and the couch fits in perfectly (after it took us a bit to assemble it). I’ll say it again and again, thank God for moms!

IMG_5679 2.JPG

Once settled, my mom and I were ready to head back to Santa Monica. Traffic and parking were a lot harder on a beautiful Saturday night than a Wednesday afternoon, but we managed to pull something together and started our evening with margaritas. We met my cousins Meghan and Sebastian for a walk on the beach and dinner and it was great to catch up!

IMG_5682 2.JPG

The drive home was thankfully quick and pleasant because my mom and I were definitely ready for bed.

Sunday wasn’t as pleasant as it was my mom’s last day. We opened with Bed Bath and Beyond for one last shopping trip before heading to the best donuts in the town and they did not disappoint. Seriously, incredible. Stuffed, we headed back to spend some quality time (and lots of tears).

I can’t really talk about how much I miss my mom and the rest of my family, but it’s definitely the hardest part of all of this and makes me question why I’m even trying it. I know that it’s a good move, regardless of how long I stay out here, but it sure doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy inside right now. I am immensely lucky to have the family I do.

The good news is, I successfully navigated my way to and from the airport, which is a big accomplishment in my book. Granted, it was a Sunday and there was way less traffic than usual, but we’re focusing on small steps!

After a killer workout at a local gym that included triceps, chest, shoulder, core, and cycling, it was time for some last-minute grocery shopping items.


When I got home, I wasn’t super hungry, so I cut up some grilled chicken to put over tostitos and cheese for homemade nachos. Dinner came a bit later with these awesome tacos: corn tortillas, bbq sauce, grilled chicken, chopped red pepper, tomato, carrots, and cheese. Yum!

IMG_5685 2.JPG

The rest of the night was spent writing in a frenzy, which is good because that’s why I moved out here. Bedtime calls- many emotions, changes, and events have happened, and you better believe this girl is tired!

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