Yer A Wizard, Margaret

I find this title hilarious and I kept saying it to my mom these last few days, for reasons you will soon discover!

For now, we will say, Day Two was another successful, eventful day in the land of Caitlin. My mom and I were up early in the morning to hit up breakfast so my mom could get to her conference.


As she went off for the day, I headed back to the room to do some work. I kept trying to get in a workout that I had specially planned for the elaborate gym this facility has. Note: and by elaborate I mean a treadmill, a bike, a bench, and medicine balls. That’s it, but I still planned a kick-ass workout routine that I had to modify when I couldn’t get into the room. Something was broken or whatever.


I got down and dirty with some body strength moves in the hotel room: tricep dips, push-ups, squats, lunge knee-ups, jumping jacks, and supermans, as well as a core circuit of plank step-outs, side plank dips, suitcases, and flutter kicks. A run would have topped things off nicely, but at least it wasn’t from lack of motivation!

After my workout, I got ready for the day and had my first LA driving experience. It was early in the afternoon, still busy, but nothing like what I will soon come to know. But I survived and I definitely feel more comfortable.


My destination was to my apartment where I moved in a lot more of my stuff and started to get organized. It was good to see what I still need to purchase to set up my room, which pretty much means a lot more hangars. A few hours in, my stomach was rumbling, so I found a local pizza joint and enjoyed. It was pretty much a Chipotle for pizza.


Whoever decided to ship my bedframe four days earlier than the first expected date, which is usually excellent, but in my case, I wasn’t in the state, so I ended up having to pick up the box.


Yes, I lugged this bad boy up some stairs that, for the record, has a warning label on it saying, “Warning- Heavy. Only carry with lift,” which is exactly why I lift weights. With a little help from my roommate, I got my bedframe up and ready for the mattress, which came ten minutes after I left to head back to the hotel.


That’s a sneak peek at my room!

I was all set to hang out in the room for a bit before meeting my mom at the Convention Center, but I had the brilliant idea of taking the free shuttle over, which was leaving as I was coming in. Resourceful!


Why was I meeting my mom there? Oh, you know, to hang out in random lines and then to hop on a bus for an hour in traffic.




Oh, right! There was another reason. HARRY POTTER WORLD at Universal Studios. Yeah, so I teared up a bit, but it was amazing and exactly as I would have imagined it. Thanks to the conference, the park was closed down just for us and we got to go on rides multiple times in what should have taken hours to go on one. Thanks for being so smart, mom!





The Harry Potter rides were amazing, but we even found time to do some other attractions, which were excellent. My mom has the spirit of an exuberant child at amusement parks and we laughed our way through the night!

After a long, tiring, but brilliant day, we finally made it back to the hotel and jumped right into bed!

Day Two is another one for the history books!


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