I’ve Just Been Collecting Food Pics

Hi! I’ve been a bad blogging lady lately and I have no excuses. I’m back with a vengeance and a ton of pictures of food as my trojan horse back into your hearts.

Let’s start with this smoothie I threw together before work one day when I was hungry but didn’t feel up to eating (a rarity for certain). This bad boy includes ice, half a banana, spinach, strawberries, a scoop of chocolate peanut butter, greek yogurt, and a mixture of milk and water. Note to self: smoothies look far nicer in glasses than in the blender you mix it in.


A protein-powered waffle smothered in peanut butter and jelly and plated prettily with chopped banana.


My most frequently eaten breakfasts as of the past few months: a scrambled egg and egg whites with cheese, toast, and a medley of fruit.


This morning’s egg and egg-white omelette with cheese and ham, a blueberry english muffin, and fruit.


Moving onto lunches, we’ll start with a packed salad and turkey burger. When it came to eating, I think I enjoyed the salad separate from the turkey burger I stuffed in a small whole wheat pita with hummus.


Leftover turkey burger with a side of veggie-filled pasta salad I made a huge batch of for lunches. Recipe to come tomorrow!


A chopped salad with grilled chicken. The colors speak for themselves.


I’ve got one picture of dinner to share. Whoops. Turkey burger, salad, and fresh corn.


A few pictures to prove I’ve still been getting my sweat on. Side planking.


Post-run glamour shot. It’s been H-O-T.


A picture to prove that not all fit bodies are the same (in response to the super model who tried to body shame another woman at a gym of all places).


Keep it real, folks! I’ve got a recipe and some big news to share coming up this week.

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