Weekend Update (A Little Delayed)

Weekend recap was postponed a bit thanks to a few long work days and the threat of symptoms of a cold that I am fiercely battling. After work yesterday morning and lunch with friends, I headed home and passed out for an hour before heading out to my other gym for some training and a workout of my own. The workout actually made me feel better, but that also could have been thanks to extended time spent in air conditioning.

But now back to that weekend.

It starts with Saturday afternoon when I trekked out to the Cape where my family were already congregated. Traffic was heavy, but not impossible (until we got to the bridge and I went bumper-to-bumper to avoid last minute jerks cutting in) and I made it in time to hit the beach for a few hours. For dinner, we enjoyed burgers on the grill before heading out for a drink at a local beer garden.

On Sunday morning, I woke up early for a sweaty run and a circuit of body strength exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, tricep dips, sit-ups, and twists) to rev up my metabolism because my uncle treated us to brunch at Chatham Bars Inn. This is the view.


And another on this patriotic weekend.


Brunch was amazing. I enjoyed a creamy vegetable omelet, french toast, bacon, and the sweetest berries! I probably should have snapped a shot before devouring my breakfast, but I was a hungry girl! Brunch was dedicated to my Auntie Bea who was there with us in spirit and very much missed the entire time. After walking around Chatham for a few minutes, we headed home to continue digesting and readying ourselves for the beach! After some splendid time tanning and wave-hopping, we headed back to the house for showers and relaxation. The night ended with an Italian dinner at home, fireworks on the beach, and an ice cream cone.

On Sunday, I started the day off with a walk with my parents and the dog before coming home and enjoying breakfast.


We sat in the backyard, reading and relaxing, until I decided I needed to stretch my legs and headed out for another run. Running is easy when this is on your route.


And this is your destination.


More beach time was had before we ended our Cape time at a local restaurant for a seafood dinner. Traffic on the way home was moving quickly and as I drove through the city, fireworks were going off all around me.

Tuesday morning brought me quickly back to the real world with a full day of work, so it’s a good thing I love what I do!

Happy Thursday- good news, it’s almost the weekend again!

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