Big News

As I hinted in my Monday post, I have some exciting news to share! In September, I’m heading across the country to LA.


I’m excited and terrified and a bunch of other emotions I’m struggling to recognize, but there is an instinct bubbling in my stomach telling me this is the right decision. At 26, I feel up to an adventure and I think it’s time I give my first passion, writing, a true chance.

I love telling stories, whether it’s in person or on the page. If I look a little dazed and far away, then I’m most likely daydreaming, concocting all of these strange and fun scenarios in my head. Most of my writing experience stems from this blog and short stories, but my dream is to write for television, and that’s exactly what I’m going to LA to do.

Over these past four years since graduating college, I’ve been talking about moving to LA or New York City and though I love New York more than I love to breathe, LA is the right choice for right now. I’ve also learned a lot about myself over these years, as one does as they live, and I’m in as perfect a situation as I possibly could to make this venture. I’ve studied to be a teacher and quickly retired, I learned I’m not made for a standard desk job (or the standard desk job is not made for me), and I found such reward as a personal trainer, helping others find their healthy and happy place. Personal training is something I am going to continue doing in LA, and tackling that endeavor makes my move all the easier, as I’ll have something to get me started out in California. But I’ve never quite given the chance to writing as I should. And so we begin.

I am going to miss my family, friends, and New York more than I can imagine. I have no false pretenses that this move will be easy, glamorous, or successful. I’m expecting to struggle, to cry, to fail, but I also know that it will make my life fuller, more rewarding, and more experienced. I have no qualms about admitting that I might be back in a year or so, but I’m also going to give myself enough credit to say that I could make a go at this writing thing. If I didn’t believe in myself and my writing, then in less than two months’ time, I wouldn’t be able to leave my house, say goodbye to my loved ones, and get on that plane.

Risks are scary. This move is taking me away from my safe place, my safe people, and everything that I know. But I think that’s sort of the point.

So, if you continue to read and follow me on my journey, then I think there are truly exciting things on the horizon, as there already have been since I started this blog four years ago. Let’s have some fun!


Healthy Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a fun, quick, and super simple meal option for the summer. It’s a BBQ staple. Last week, I knew it was going to be hot and I needed to make a big batch of something cool that would satisfy me all week long. Inspiration struck as I pillaged the cabinets of my kitchen.

Start by boiling the water and throwing your pasta of choice into the pot. In this case, I opted for gluten free elbows because I had a gluten free friend coming over for lunch the next day.


Next, it was time to choose my assortment of ingredients.

Chickpeas for a burst of protein.


Multi-colored veggies for necessary nutrients and colorful appeal.


Put it all together and toss in some sort of dressing or oil to keep things from sticking together in a yucky way.




I’ve Just Been Collecting Food Pics

Hi! I’ve been a bad blogging lady lately and I have no excuses. I’m back with a vengeance and a ton of pictures of food as my trojan horse back into your hearts.

Let’s start with this smoothie I threw together before work one day when I was hungry but didn’t feel up to eating (a rarity for certain). This bad boy includes ice, half a banana, spinach, strawberries, a scoop of chocolate peanut butter, greek yogurt, and a mixture of milk and water. Note to self: smoothies look far nicer in glasses than in the blender you mix it in.


A protein-powered waffle smothered in peanut butter and jelly and plated prettily with chopped banana.


My most frequently eaten breakfasts as of the past few months: a scrambled egg and egg whites with cheese, toast, and a medley of fruit.


This morning’s egg and egg-white omelette with cheese and ham, a blueberry english muffin, and fruit.


Moving onto lunches, we’ll start with a packed salad and turkey burger. When it came to eating, I think I enjoyed the salad separate from the turkey burger I stuffed in a small whole wheat pita with hummus.


Leftover turkey burger with a side of veggie-filled pasta salad I made a huge batch of for lunches. Recipe to come tomorrow!


A chopped salad with grilled chicken. The colors speak for themselves.


I’ve got one picture of dinner to share. Whoops. Turkey burger, salad, and fresh corn.


A few pictures to prove I’ve still been getting my sweat on. Side planking.


Post-run glamour shot. It’s been H-O-T.


A picture to prove that not all fit bodies are the same (in response to the super model who tried to body shame another woman at a gym of all places).


Keep it real, folks! I’ve got a recipe and some big news to share coming up this week.

Weekend Things

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks to the dreary weather, this weekend was a relaxing one.

After work on Friday, I went out to dinner with a few friends from work, but I called it an early night on my end since I had to be up early for work the next morning. On Saturday, my mom and I went to Target where I picked up a few favorite food items, protein bars, waffle mix, and chocolate peanut butter! I also got a new water bottle that I’m obsessed with. It’s glass and it’s pink, and I really do taste a difference. *That might be because my old water had mold in it.


After shopping, I hunkered down to finish How I Met Your Mother. I know some people hated the series finale, but I didn’t think it was that bad. It’s hard to end a long-running, popular TV show.

Once I realized I had no more episodes to watch, my legs were in dire need of a stretch, so I headed out for an excellent run. The weather might have been cold and slightly rainy, but it was perfect for running. I fit in 3.6 miles before heading home and walking the rest of the .4 and doing some Yoga.

That night, I went with my friend Molly to see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, mostly on my end because of Zac Efron and on her end because it was the only movie out that she hadn’t seen yet. We bought tickets and then grabbed dinner before the show. I laughed out loud a handful of times, but otherwise I would describe it as, eh. We ended the night by stopping for some ice cream at our favorite place. Coconut Oreo is bliss.

On Sunday, I woke up on the later end of the morning and was treated to a breakfast made by my mom. Since it was still meh outside, we decided to go to the movies to see Life of Pets, which was adorable. Once we got home, I pretty much listened to Hamilton, did some chores, wrote, and researched a bit for the rest of the day. It was a semi-early night for me, even though I slept late and didn’t do much of anything. Such is life sometimes.

Today it’s back to the grind.

Weekend Update (A Little Delayed)

Weekend recap was postponed a bit thanks to a few long work days and the threat of symptoms of a cold that I am fiercely battling. After work yesterday morning and lunch with friends, I headed home and passed out for an hour before heading out to my other gym for some training and a workout of my own. The workout actually made me feel better, but that also could have been thanks to extended time spent in air conditioning.

But now back to that weekend.

It starts with Saturday afternoon when I trekked out to the Cape where my family were already congregated. Traffic was heavy, but not impossible (until we got to the bridge and I went bumper-to-bumper to avoid last minute jerks cutting in) and I made it in time to hit the beach for a few hours. For dinner, we enjoyed burgers on the grill before heading out for a drink at a local beer garden.

On Sunday morning, I woke up early for a sweaty run and a circuit of body strength exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, tricep dips, sit-ups, and twists) to rev up my metabolism because my uncle treated us to brunch at Chatham Bars Inn. This is the view.


And another on this patriotic weekend.


Brunch was amazing. I enjoyed a creamy vegetable omelet, french toast, bacon, and the sweetest berries! I probably should have snapped a shot before devouring my breakfast, but I was a hungry girl! Brunch was dedicated to my Auntie Bea who was there with us in spirit and very much missed the entire time. After walking around Chatham for a few minutes, we headed home to continue digesting and readying ourselves for the beach! After some splendid time tanning and wave-hopping, we headed back to the house for showers and relaxation. The night ended with an Italian dinner at home, fireworks on the beach, and an ice cream cone.

On Sunday, I started the day off with a walk with my parents and the dog before coming home and enjoying breakfast.


We sat in the backyard, reading and relaxing, until I decided I needed to stretch my legs and headed out for another run. Running is easy when this is on your route.


And this is your destination.


More beach time was had before we ended our Cape time at a local restaurant for a seafood dinner. Traffic on the way home was moving quickly and as I drove through the city, fireworks were going off all around me.

Tuesday morning brought me quickly back to the real world with a full day of work, so it’s a good thing I love what I do!

Happy Thursday- good news, it’s almost the weekend again!

Red, White, and Blue

We’re almost at the weekend! I’ve been celebrating Independence all week by listening incessantly to Hamilton and organizing my fruit consumption into red, white, and blue!


Haven’t had these pancakes in a long time! (I was out of raspberries and strawberries!)


Yesterday, I had a hankering for pizza, so I made my own! English muffin, tomato sauce, cheese, and leftover BBQ chicken! So good! A side of spinach provided me an extra nutritional boost.


Got a little sweaty and red-faced with a run and home workout.


Nothing beats a good quality sweat (particularly when earned).

Enjoy the weekend, beautiful weather and all!