Weekend Catch Up

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER (The best season in the world!)


Yes, it was embarrassing taking this picture and hoping the neighbors wouldn’t see.

Doesn’t it always feel like weekends pass by in a whirlwind? And this one had such great weather, I already miss it. Although the weather today is just as nice, which works out because I’m in desperate need of cleaning my car!

Weekend catch-up time! Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s Day and mine happens to be awesome!


We also celebrated the year anniversary of these two crazy kids getting hitched (and my day of being MOH!)


Pretty clouds in blue skies.


Peaceful post-Yoga session or blinded by the sun?


Happy dog getting pats.


Sad dog missing his parents.


Tasty sangria.




Even more food.


This is actually a throwback from last weekend, but I thought I’d play the sympathy card. I burned my finger straightening my hair. It’s a good thing I’ve got a nurse for a mom… or a mom for a nurse! The things you do for beautification!


Hope your Monday treats you splendidly!

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