For Orlando

One of the greatest things in life are the people who share as many differences as they do similarities to help us understand all of these wonderful perspectives in life. We have strengths and weaknesses, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and so many other qualities and characteristics that define humans. These make us who we are.

We then go into the world to explore, succeed, fail, and live. We make choices, actions that define us too, actions for which we should be judged upon. Not who we are, but what we do in this world. The people inside that club in Orlando were celebrating by drinking and dancing; the people in the movie theater were seeking a brief respite from every day life through entertainment; all of those students, both young and old, were learning and growing as they sought their place in the world; people in their places of worship were trying to connect to something they believed bigger than themselves. I could provide more examples across the globe of innocent people trying to live their lives being disrupted in the most violent and terrible of ways because one person or a group of people decided to hate, to allow that hate to consume them, to pick up a weapon, and to destroy.

Unfortunately, we have proved time and again that the love we share after these tragedies, that the prayers we we wish, and the tears we shed are not enough to stop it from happening again. It’s time that we stand up, similarities and differences together, and we make an active choice to say that this is no longer the type of world in which we want to live.

At the very least, right now, let’s focus on the wonderful people who we now consider to be terrible losses. They deserved better. So do we.

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