Running on Running

Oh running, you awkward bird. Sometimes I love you, sometimes I despise you, and so often, I love and hate you within steps of each other. Regardless, when my feet hit the pavement (or treadmill, ick) and I pull up to a stop, I’m so happy I got through it at all. For me, as running presents my biggest fitness challenge and the one thing I never believed I would be able to do until I did it, it always feels like an accomplishment. And isn’t that the reason we keep going? Not just health, both of the physical and mental variety, but also because it requires that we test our endurance, our power, and our strength. Running, walking, swimming, biking, lifting, dancing, and all of the other great movements our bodies allow us, they are empowering and sometimes that means it’s a struggle.



My clients will often ask my thoughts on running and my most common answer is that it’s love/hate, but in a way that’s a gift to my body. I try not to do things that don’t feel good or beneficial. This doesn’t mean that DOMS are not very real and sometimes a symptom of working out, but there are always limitations, whether physical or emotional, that come with exercise and it’s all about what feels good and what your body needs and wants to endure to get to its finest health point.

Running also provided me with an excellent excuse to get my booty outside in the sunshine and take advantage of the day yesterday. Not that it’s not completely acceptable to spend some time soaking up the sun in the backyard, but really there’s only so much unproductive lounging you can get away with on a Monday afternoon. So after a grueling, but satisfying strength training session focused on the back and biceps, I headed home and outside for a run. It wasn’t my finest or my fastest. I had run a nice four miler the day before so my legs were questioning my motives, but it was worth it.


My rest day was also worth it this morning because even though exercise always starts the day off right, gets the good feelings flowing, and keeps you strong, especially when that work includes motivating people to exercise, muscles need time to revover.

If nothing else, exercise is an easy way to do something good for yourself whether it’s for twenty minutes or an hour.

What are you going to do for yourself today?


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