Quality Over Quantity

We are consumers. Whatever it is that is being consumed, be it food, culture, ideas, or anything else, we prefer it to come fast. Quantity and speed over quality. (You’d think the Oscars would have anticipated this and not run for about 84 years, but I guess this joke is a few days old).

I find that I always need to be moving. If I’m out on a walk on a beautiful, sunny, and fairly warm day in the middle of winter, I feel like I should be running. If I have a scrumptious meal in front of me, I pick up that fork and in I dig. Social media has upturned the way we learn news, but we’ve seen countless times that it can be as misleading as it is effective. If something takes awhile to load, if I have to suffer through a few days of anticipation, or get from start to finish on a project, I can feel anxiety roll through me, my feet and fingers tap, mind jitter.

But I want to be better than mindless, fast, and impatient.

Through my weight loss journey, graduating from school, editing my stories from rough draft to actual publication, to studying for my personal training certificate, and any other accomplishment I consider in my life, I know it didn’t come from fast or easy. But even in the things that we suffer, from grief and hardship, pain and annoyance, we have to live through it, not bear down and go through the motions. Life is what we put into it, much more so than what happens to us.

I think we are often so unhappy because nothing truly satisfies anymore. There is a difference between something happening and actually experiencing it. We can be happy with a lot less if we take the time and effort to appreciate what we have. Sometimes (a lot of times), I need to be reminded of this.

I’ve found two pictures that incapsulate this idea perfectly. One of my own taking:


It didn’t matter that I had to get him inside because I was heading to work, Mac was not ready to come inside. He was lying on that grass and soaking up the sun!

This second photo has been making the rounds on the internet and it’s just so funny to me and it fits my point, so I’m sharing. Thanks to whoever shared it in the first place!


Eat up life the way Leo looks at his Girl Scouts’ cookies (and how he must look at his Oscar now).

So for as much as we consume, let’s try to savor too.

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