Birthdays and Leg Days

I want to start off with a Happy Birthday message to my Auntie Bea! We had a party to celebrate a few months ago and another small one this past weekend because when you are as great as her, you deserve a whole year of celebrations!


Do you know what’s really fun? The day after Leg Day, when you can barely hobble out of bed and down the stairs. Fortunately, I’m always hungry in the morning, so the call for eggs was too strong for me to ignore.

Let’s take a look at that workout.


In total, it took about an hour and twenty minutes to get through it all. So yeah, I’m sore, but it was a kickass workout!

On the workout menu today is a run that will have to be taken to the treadmill thanks to the rain and griminess outside. It might sound crazy, but running is actually a great way to stretch out those legs!

Happy Wednesday!


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