Get Moving!

I am a bad blogging lady and I am sorry. Please let me make up for it by regaling you with some ridiculous antics that make up my life.

Looking back at the weekend, I spent a lot of time working, which is fine because I love what I do. Saturday was particularly elongated, but I had gone to Lush for the first time on Thursday in anticipation of this and was looking forward to a bubble bath and face mask. It also happened to be freakishly cold these past few days, so there was a lot of anticipation building into this bath. I watched as water began filling up the tub and steam started billowing from the heat. It would never come to fruition as the stopper wouldn’t work. No matter how much duct tape I applied, the tub would not fill more than a few inches. To say this was sad is an understatement, however, I did happen to have a nice, warm heated blanket, cup of cocoa, and sturdy house surrounding me and so I can’t complain much. Just consider this another but of course in my life!

On Sunday night, when the cold was its coldest- and at some point you have to think cold is just cold and all the same, but it’s not- I had a cup of what I thought was lemonless tea, but as I took my final sip, I almost choked on a lemon seed. Apparently, the dish washer needs to be more vigilant in its cleansing. Ew! The good on Sunday is I saw How To Be Single with my friend Molly and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. For dinner, we ate yummy burritos. I filled mine with grilled steak, chopped veggies, black beans, and a dollop of sour cream. SO good! I also enjoyed some popcorn during the movie since the theater uses real butter.

I am left with only two pictures of my meals to share and one of them happens to be my breakfast from this morning. I can’t feel too sorry about this.

First, this dish was actually a Trader Joes’ frozen meal, chicken tikka masala with rice. I juiced it up by adding grilled zucchini, red bell pepper, and spinach to the mix.


Next up, this morning’s breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, and fruit. Pretty much a perfect combination.


This weekend, I also spent a good amount of time reformatting my workouts. I decided to split the strength training pieces differently- arms and shoulders, legs, chest and back- with core and some amount of brief and high intensity cardio each day, a day of total body strength training, two longer and moderate forms of cardio, and a rest day! Sunday got things started with the arms and shoulders, which were sore but not overly so. Yesterday’s workout was leg centered and they are definitely sore today! I think all the box jumps and jump roping really put me through the ringer!

Here’s a sneak peak of the arms and shoulders heavy workout. I performed each exercise in circuit fashion by muscle type in 4 sets of 12 reps. For the ropes, I did 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest for 5 minutes and finished up on the rower for 12 minutes.


This workout took about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is approximately what I do on the regular now- no more two hour sessions for this chick! I love putting together new workouts because it’s important to keep the body guessing, but it’s also just more fun to do!

Get moving!

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