Oprah, I Miss You, Girl

This post is inspired by my thinking it would be funny if I posted about how I miss Oprah. While watching one of my shows, Oprah’s new Weight Watchers commercial kept popping up, so it inspired me. I mean, we really haven’t heard from her in awhile. But as the idea formulated in my mind, something stuck. Here is Oprah, one of the wealthiest, most popular people ever, struggling to lose weight. She has been her entire life. That means that this person suffers with body issues, insecurities, cravings, not wanting to exercise, and so much more that we all do too. It’s a natural phenomenon no matter how much money, time, and power you have. Her struggle, like our struggle, is real.

That’s important.


What does this mean for us mere mortals? We’re doing the best that we can with all that we’ve got. Sometimes that’s just enough, more than enough, or not quite enough. And that’s okay.

Remember, every day is a new day, but also, every day is an important one. As long as we keep breathing, we keep living, and so life happens. There will be tasty morsels that sometimes we will forgo to have the veggie sticks instead, but sometimes, we’ll just want to have the damn chocolate cake (or in my case bowl of ice cream). Moderation. We will kick our own asses lifting our heaviest weights or running our fastest mile, or sometimes, we won’t find it in us to move our asses off the couch because Netflix keeps playing. Moderation. Motivation, inspiration, and mindfulness will guide our every movements and creativity and effort, or sometimes, it’s just enough that we get out of bed and through the motions. Moderation.

I think we get the point.

Oprah is on Weight Watchers because she wants to lose weight for whatever reason. Right now, she’s having success, but she’s had her failures too. So you, and me, without the fame, fortune, and power at our fingertips and without the ability to make $12 million from claiming we lost weight while still eating bread (because hey! I actually lost 100 pounds doing that too and kept it off), we’re doing just fine as we are. Forgiveness and moderation is a powerful thing. Let’s keep at it by embracing this world and ourselves for all that we are.



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