Windy Wednesday

It’s not exactly morning, but I’m still here to offer you a blog post. And with an alliteration in the title!

Let’s start with breakfast, which consisted of a ham and cheese omelet, waffles, and berries. It was quite the meal to enjoy while the wind whipped around outside.

Speaking of weather, last night it snowed and I had quite a driving adventure on my way home from work. To reach my house, I have to go hill upon hill anyway, and everything was fine as I started out with strong momentum. Some truck thought it was a brilliant idea to stop to let another car pull out of its driveway in the middle of the hill, forcing me to stop and lose all traction. It’s a miracle I made it home as my car would not drive above 7/8 mph. Yikes. There might have been a lot of screaming involved.

Anyways, lunch was a quick quesadilla with cheese and leftover ground turkey from last night’s dinner. For a punch of veggies, I sautéed some spinach and paired it with some leftover broccoli.

Today was my rest day from exercise, but I did take my dog out for a quick, windy, and cold walk. Seriously, the wind. It’s trash day and there is trash lining the road thanks to the wind’s power. I had to drag the Christmas tree back to the curb after it blew across the driveway.

Winter is here.

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