Sometimes We Do Go Out of Style, Tay

I may be shamelessly mentioning Taylor Swift in my blog post and title to garner more attention, but it also makes for a witty start. As you can tell, I’ve just revamped the outline of GMMCA (I’m trying to make this stick) because it was time for a change. New year, new design!

My offering to you today comes in the form of many food pics.





Lots of leftovers were to be had as I show off my lunches and dinners of days past. Sadly, I missed out on breakfast this morning (gasp!) because I woke up later than I should and had to be somewhere early. My body is still thrown off about it, mostly because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

Workouts for the past few days included some strength with core work and cardio on the elliptical, a kettlebell strength workout with a friend and a walk/run session, and a much needed rest day today!

At the moment, I’m working on some writing and in the process of dyeing my hair which is never fun.

I also feel it important to point out to you all that I lost the heel to my boot at my aunt and uncle’s house and didn’t even notice until my aunt texted and was like, “hey, anyone lose a heel?” Ummm…I totally noticed that something was strange when I wore them a few days ago, but I didn’t even think to check.

#Embarrassed #inneedofacobbler


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