Bloody Fun Time!

Here at GMMCA, I’m working on some revamping goodness that you should begin to see coming up within the next few weeks. Until then, we’ll continue on with our usual goodness of food, exercise, and silly happenings.

To start, I will say that I try very hard not to judge anyone at the gym-except of course if you leave the weights on the bars because no one wants to clean up after other people, people!- but yesterday, I noticed someone working out in crocs and I have to wonder if that is a smart life decision. Crocs in general are questionable, but exercising in them…like I said, not here to judge because hey, good for you getting your movement on, but still. I did a double take.

Speaking of exercise, yesterday I did some strength circuits consisting of triceps, chest, legs, core, and plyometrics. For triceps, I did some pushbacks, alternating standing extensions, and lying extensions. Chest included single-arm presses, bench presses, and standing flies. With legs, I went with cable kickbacks, squat presses, and leg presses. Core work incorporated some weighted leg ups, oblique leans, and cable presses. Feeling nice and sweaty, I ended my circuit training with box jumps, skaters, and lunges. To top things off just a bit, I did a few sprints on the bike to work those legs.

I felt really strong yesterday during my workout, which makes me think my Sunday morning Yoga is really effective. I’m not the best at Yoga, but since going more regularly, I’ve found that I’m stronger and really enjoying the disparity it provides from the rest of my workouts. Strength develops in all sorts of ways!

On my drive home from the gym yesterday, my initial gut feeling was that a smoothie might be in order for my post-workout fuel, but once I got home, a salad jumped out at me. For whatever reason, I’ve been hankering for a chicken caesar salad and luckily had all of the ingredients on hand and ready to go. Peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and tomato bulked up the usual romaine, cheese, crouton, and dressing that goes into caesar. For an added boost of protein and carbs, I made myself a peanut butter wrap.

Grapes on the side for some sweetness.


Dinner included some leftover chicken parm and whole wheat pasta that I bulked up with spinach, carrots, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.


This morning, I woke up craving waffles, so I went with that feeling. I paired them with an egg and egg-white scramble and a big bowl of slightly sour berries.


On the menu today is a workout, work, and some bloggy fun! (Bloggy autocorrects to bloody for the record. How British, or murderous, of my keyboard).


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