Life Is Full of Hills

Happy first day post-holiday season blues! It can be tough getting back into that sense of routine when it comes to work, eating, exercising, and all the other stuff life throws at you, but it can also be refreshing. I’m a believer in the idea that any time can be a good time to make changes, but if they are going to straight out give us a day, why not take advantage?

Whether you frame it like a resolution, fresh start, or way of life, be positive and stay positive during the ups and downs. Spoiler alert: we’re human, we make mistakes. Let’s not beat ourselves up because we all know there are plenty of other forces in this world already doing that.

For instance, I headed out for a run yesterday because it was so darn nice out, and yes chilly, and there were a ton of hills. There’s a metaphor tucked in there somewhere, but my point is, when I reached the bottom of a hill and looked up, I could have shrugged my shoulders and given up, found another route, or decided to walk, and that would have been okay too. But instead, I took a deep breath, found the right song to play me through, and I took it a stride at a time.

My post-run selfie looked a lot like this in my natural state. A little dazed, shell-shocked, tired, cold, but sweaty.


But then I took another deep breath and smiled. Because I did it.


For my New Year fresh start, I’m trying to up my confidence. I spend too much time worrying about what other people think about me or trying to close myself off in the fear of being judged, and I hate how that makes me feel. This journey is all about finding out about who we are, the good and the bad and all those grey areas, and I don’t want to be one of those people trying to stifle my inner fire.

Maybe that’s cliche, but hey! It’s my blog. Get your own!

Oh, but in addition to being kinder and more forgiving to myself, I should also try to give that appreciation to everyone else. Nice, calming breaths everyone!

I’m also very much on a healthy eating kick, which is all about control. It isn’t easy, especially when you come home from work and all you want is tortilla chips and cheese or waffles with butter and syrup. Sometimes I’ll have those, but I don’t need them all the time. I’m also trying to pay more attention to the actual physical art of eating so that I stop just stuffing things into my mouth and enjoy them.

This morning’s breakfast was on point.


I’m still loving the egg-egg white scrambles/omelets. Whole wheat toast with a smear of butter. Yummy berries! More, more, more veggies are on tap for every meal just because they are nutrient-dense, filling, and versatile.

The good news is I’ve stayed steady with my exercising throughout the holidays- and if we’re being honest, the past four years now- so the only resolution I would make in that regard is to try some new things. I’m hoping to get a specialty certification or two to add-onto my personal training cert.

My final two goals of the year (and yes, I realize I’ve been interchanging my words for what these things are, other than an excuse for me to just babble) include reading more- because yay! not stuck in textbook land- and writing more- because hey! kinda my livelihood. I’ve got all these great ideas floating around in my head, now I just have to put them down on the page. My new favorite self-prescribed quote is, “I know I have a story within in me. I just have to find it in me to write it.”

Happy January and 2016!

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