My New Toothbrush is…Overachieving

That title might be giving my toothbrush too much credit. Aggressive might be a better term for it. I asked for a new, highly effective one for Christmas because I wanted to step up my dental game, but Santa went big. I just used it for the first time and it vibrated my entire body. My feet were shaking and I felt a little dizzy. This could also be in connection to a caffeinated mint I had earlier on in the evening. Time will tell. So long as that toothbrush does it job, I didn’t hate it.

In other strange news, I noticed a leftover piece of broccoli stranded on my mom’s dinner napkin. When I questioned her about it, she said she was just “too full.”


I think sometimes people need to just stuff it in there. I mean, it’s broccoli. I’m fairly certain we’d all make that sacrifice had it been a bite of cookie.

Also, apparently people eat chicken wings on the way into the gym and drop the leftover bones in the recycle bin. It’s just something you notice working there.

Food today was pretty casual. For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs, toast, and a banana that was slightly rushed thanks to the SNOW covering the ground and the need to clear it off my car before work.

My pre-workout snack was a peanut butter roll-up, followed up with a lunch of leftovers and a hunk of a salad that I couldn’t finish.

After my second shift at work, I came home to turkey meat that I sprinkled with cheese, rice, and the aforementioned broccoli that I somehow managed to finish.


I’m proud of myself because I only ate two leftover Christmas treats today and they were fairly small. To be fair, we can’t say I exerted a large amount of control because I was at the gym for the majority of the day, working or exercising, and was not in any proximity to temptation. (Except perhaps…chicken wings??)

Speaking of exercise, my strength circuits consisted of biceps, chest, back, and core. For a quick cardio/plyometric circuit, I did a burpee-to-box-jump combination that was killer. I mean, kill-er. I followed those bad boys up with some rope swinging (this is probably not the term) and single-leg jumps. To complete my workout for the day, I finished up on the elliptical for a good 15 minutes and came home to, ugh, shovel. I felt the shoveling in my core though. We need to find the positives in all things bleak as we head into the crush of winter.

This week, I still have a Star Wars thoughts post to share, my New Years resolutions and end-of-the-year thoughts, and the usual meals, workouts, and silly stories.


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