Holidays Are Kinda Cool

Popping in with small reminders of why the holiday- and I mean all holidays- season is so important and special. While at work tonight, two very cool things happened, which also goes to show how cool it can be to work in customer service.

  1. Someone came in and was so excited to see a menorah on the front desk. She said it was “super cool” and her face lit up, knowing that we represented and celebrated all holidays. It made me realize how special those little moments can be.
  2. My co-worker and I were serenaded by a little girl who sang every single line of “Frosty the Snowman” with perfect clarity. I haven’t wanted to laugh and cry simultaneously in the best of ways in a long time.

This time is a busy one. I was just texting my friend about how crazy and hectic things can get this time of year, trying to shop and studying on top of everything. But it’s vital that we pause and take in all the celebrations that come along with it. And if that means I need to listen to Feliz Navidad play on repeat on the radio all season long, I’ll take the good with the bad.


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