Yeah, I just hash-tagged in my title. It’s what the cool kids do, which I’m clearly not. As you can probably guess, I am, however, having some car troubles. It appears the issue is my battery, which is in the process of being fixed. That’s fine now, but when I was trying to pick up my neighbor from school yesterday, it would have been nice if the car would start. Or, you know, when it seemed to be fixed and I was trying to get to work and it stopped again. That was a fun little moment of panic.

We’re moving forwards, or well, backwards since we’re talking about yesterday’s meals now…

For lunch, I had more chickpea curry. I was very cautious to snap a better picture this time so you could see what the fuss was about. Yum!


Grilled salmon, brown rice, spinach, and squash was just what I needed on a cold, rainy evening. I drizzled some honey barbecue mustard on top for a boost of flavor.


Breakfast came in two parts, thanks to the aforementioned car troubles and having to be up super early to get my mom to work, so I could use her car. Part one: egg, ham, and cheese on an english muffin with more sweet berries!


Part two post-workout: granola-topped Greek yogurt and a banana.


While writing this, I enjoyed another lunch of chickpea curry, this time with some leftover rice and half a piece of naan. I stirred it up a bit before taking the picture so you could see all the colors and flavors of the dish. I also ended up steaming so extra spinach to add some extra nutrients.


Onto workouts! I’m nursing some sore gluteus maximus muscles today thanks to a killer legs/butt circuit yesterday. I also worked my biceps, chest, and core which were great, but my leg workout was intense. I superset the squat press with split squats and followed it up with a superset of the leg press and jumping lunges. The split squats and jumping lunges are probably the culprit of said sore muscles. Whew!

Back at it again this morning- I love morning workouts when I can get myself out of bed!- to focus on my triceps, shoulders, back, and more core. After those circuits, I did a plyometrics circuit for my cardio and I somehow talked myself into incorporating burpees. I’m all high and mighty planning the workouts, but when it comes time to doing it, I question everything I believe in. For the record, I do the workout (unless I’m in excruciating pain) because I am no quitter!

My body is very happy to hear it will be resting tomorrow for an off-day, though it won’t say no to a walk at some point to stretch out those muscles!

It’s (she’s?) been happy because I cut my workouts down to about an hour and I am reaping the benefits! Maybe it’s because I reinvented what I’ve been doing and am not spending so much time exercising, but I’ve been stronger, more excited, and healthier. Too little and too much of something is never good. Get out there and move!

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