Oh, Is The Force Awakening?

I love Star Wars from the moons of Endor to the sands of Tatooine, but even I’m thinking the marketing is a bit much. Commercials, for the multiple trailers that aren’t revealing much (a good thing!) to random things that have nothing to do with the War on the Stars, to all the toys and clothes and accessories and knickknacks and pattywacks. It’s a little crazy. I just hope that the film actually lives up to the hype.

Yes, it’s extra special because we get to see the original three stars again (and for the record, if Han and Leia aren’t happily married, I will be furious and unforgiving because you don’t just ruin 30+ years of memories just to make the storyline more convenient), and it’s super cool that we are getting to see these films represent more diversity. We are now 17 days away [because even though the movie debuts on the 18th, theaters start showing it on the 17th (I’ve already got my ticket for an 11:50 PM show on the 7th)]. And yeah, I just double-bracketed you.

But maybe we should chill on the marketing and the outrageousness until we can judge the movie ourselves? I still am not over the disappointment that was the prequels.

On that ultra nerdy, revealing note, let’s move onto the norm around here.

As promised, I tried my chickpea curry recipe for lunch yesterday. It was amazing! I can safely say that because one, it’s my stomach and two, it wasn’t fully my recipe. This was so so tasty and healthy and filling and makes me so happy.


I’m sorry that the naan is really all you can see because the curry came out so dark. #noregrets.

This warm and toasty meal came after a cold, but strong 4-mile run. I felt especially good during the first two miles, wore down around the third mile, but then kept pulling through and up (hills!) on the fourth. A little stretching and a warm shower helped me recover.

After some study time, it was work time. This included a hunk of a salad I had to order out because of the lack of groceries after a busy weekend. It included lettuce (duh), peppers, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, feta, and grilled chicken topped with greek dressing. I jazzed it up by adding even more veggies because they never have enough. It was pretty awesome though.

For breakfast this morning, I scrambled up more eggs and enjoyed them with waffles and the sweetest bowl of berries I’ve had since summer. I was all set to rant about how it’s been three or four weeks since I’ve had a strawberry (thanks, grocery store), but then I found them in the fridge (thanks, mom!).


On that note, I leave you with an apology for the amount of parentheses I’ve used in this one blog post. (I just get really excited).



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