I’m Kind of a Rebel

Mondays after a long holiday weekend always come as a shock, but still, here we are. At the very least, we still have the rest of the holiday season in which to look forward. Also, December is tomorrow???

When we left off yesterday, I continued my tear of productivity, fitting in some quality studying and writing time. I also managed to cook up my lunches for the week.

My intention was to assemble my favorite black bean soup, but I was chagrined to learn I had only one can, which wasn’t enough for the recipe. I did have two cans of chickpeas, so I decided on another path. Google and Pinterest are wonderful things and I found a chickpea curry dish that did not look complicated or require too many ingredients I didn’t have. My contribution to the recipe was to add more veggies- never a bad thing!


Meanwhile, everything was cooking nicely in the big pan. I also added sweet potato to the mix because you can’t go wrong with sweet potato (even though it took longer to cook!) And yes, I am fully aware of how dangerously close to the edge I was living with that full pan! The recipe called for a medium-sized pan, so I was only following instructions! I’m kind of a rebel (but we already knew that, yeah?)




This should tide me over for a few days and I’m excited to try it! All the recipe required was chickpeas, light coconut milk, onion, oil, garlic, honey, and sriracha, vegetable stock, and curry powder. Everything else was just to my liking. I’ll let you know how it tastes!

Breakfast this morning continued in the tradition of eggs and toast. I’m not going to question the craving because at least it’s healthy! Scrambled seems to be my go-to egg variation. The toast got a little burnt and the butter refused to spread, but everything still tasted great.


My body was definitely craving normalcy after that long weekend in the eating department. Now I’m trying to decide if the sun is friendly enough to brace the cold out on a run.

Have a great day!

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