Flower Girl

I am a fancy lady this morning- just look at these pancakes! As you can probably tell, I shaped them into a flower, using a banana for the stem. Sometimes, these ideas just come to me.


In case you didn’t realize, next week is Thanksgiving! I seriously still feel like I’m on the beach in August, leaping into the waves. It was strange when it turned September. I couldn’t believe when it was October and then suddenly my birthday, but now we’re reaching the holidays?!

I’m learning not to question these types of things any longer. Tradition and lots of family time is so important to savor and appreciate.

On another note, isn’t it still 2004? I was a freshman in high school and the Red Sox had just won the World Series for the first time in- what was it, 86 years? Now, it’s nearly 12 years later and David Ortiz announced his retirement after the 2016 season. I have to admit I got those warm, fuzzy feelings and may have teared up a bit. Hopefully they can actually make a run for it this season so he doesn’t go out with a fizzle.

Happy Thursday! My mom will be happy to note that in one week, she can listen to Christmas music without hiding it!



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