I Do Not Enjoy Raw Fish

Someone went blonde and forgot to mention it. At least, if I have mentioned it, I forgot that I did, so I’m reiterating. I’m sure many of you have already seen the pictures and suspected, but if not: yay! I was a blonde baby and for whatever reason, I’ve always wanted to be again. It matches my non-existent eyebrows!



Someone also thought they liked sushi, but it turns out probably not so much. At least last night, I was not feeling it! I picked up some from my supermarket, but by the time it came to eat it, there was nothing I wanted less. Okay, there are quite a few things I’d want less, but let’s be realistic here. My stomach was just not having it.

I don’t think you should force yourself to eat raw fish, so I passed it off to someone else. Thankfully, my parents rock the universe and brought me a salmon salad instead, which hit the spot!

This morning, I had work early so I got my day started with a workout. A peanut butter wrap got my metabolism revving, which took me through a strength training workout that consisted of circuits for biceps, back, legs, and core. I’m feeling my muscles unlike I have in a long time and the workouts are fun! To top things off, I cycled through a few intervals.

To recover, I ate a hard-boiled egg, cheesestick, and a banana. A little while later, I enjoyed a trail mix  I threw together- almonds and raisins.

By the time I got home, I was ready for lunch and craving a sandwich. I put together a ham and cheese and grilled it to enjoy with a salad for my veggie hit.


Now it’s time to study and listen to more angsty music!

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