Happy Birthday, Mikey!

So I’ll be honest. November is not only my birthday month. Thanksgiving is *thankfully* far enough away that the anticipation doesn’t overshadow my day of birth, but there is another day in early November that holds a special occasion that has nothing to do with me.

Nothing, except for how much I adore the person it celebrates.

Even though he has moved far away from me for college, I want to honor him on this day. My cousin Mikey is funny, silly, brave, smart, and sassy. We are so similar in some ways, it can be scary and detrimental to anyone who isn’t us.

Mikey has the best Bob’s Burgers impressions and Snapchat game.


To honor him on this day, I have collected a few pictures of the two of us together that captures our friendship. We can be serious (seriously, there is something mischievous brewing behind these smiles).


Posers (in a cool sort of way).


When we team up playing family games (with his sister Erin) we always win, mostly because we come up with more clever ways to cheat.


Sometimes we do fun (scary) things like ride giant beasts.


Sometimes we go to movies, like The Hunger Games or Inside Out.


Mostly, we just have the best time together laughing like crazy.


Happy birthday, Mikey! Miss ya! (But see you SO soon for the holiday/cousin silliness time!)

*Side note, while scouring through my pictures, I can’t believe how many pictures I have of food and my cat and dog. Sometimes, together.

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