It’s Okay To Like Anne Hathaway Again

This weekend, I spent a lot of time working, but I did manage to have some fun on top of that. Friday night, I hung out with my friend Nouha who has been helping me study the science-based information for my Personal Training exam. We did fit in a chapter, but we spent more time catching up, which was much needed.

After work on Saturday, I intended to run, but I already had on my glasses and comfy clothes and I wasn’t feeling the motivation. Instead, I settled on it being my rest day and I put in a few good hours studying. I thought now that I’m more into the actual exercises of my studying that I was past the science and math, but turns out, there’s a lot of math that goes into cardio. Good thing I like a challenge. That night, I went to see The Intern. Decent movie, better than I expected, with a different premise, but I of course did not love the ending. I guess it’s my thing.

Remember for awhile there when people went against Anne Hathaway? I’m ashamed to say I fell for it a bit and while I still did not love the film version of Les Mis or her performance during awards season, I do enjoy the rest of her movies. Also, I’m pretty sure that if I were favorited to win an Oscar, I would be insufferable too. Sorry, Anne. We’re good now.

Having gone to this movie theater in particular, I was reminded of the time when I was in high school and cutting through an alley to get to the street over and an old woman approached me and a friend. She didn’t speak much English, but we were pretty freaked out, which made her mad and I’m pretty sure she put a curse on us. The whole two fingers to her eyes then at us pointy thing confirms that. Though maybe we shouldn’t assume it was a mean curse. Maybe it was a happy curse…

Anyways, on Sunday, I did fit in a run before work, but I’m still suffering from my feet going numb. The sneakers are still new, so that could still be the issue. I’m actually starting to suspect it’s a circulation thing. My sister and I both have oddly cold hands and feet and now that the weather is changing, I’m wondering if that’s what’s happening. I’ll have to verify with an actual doctor because it’s making me nervous!

Monday’s workout included a heavy lifting circuit and intervals for cardio. I’m in the process of mixing up my workouts, which I’m afraid will have to include more intervals in order to spice up my routine.

Now let’s talk about food. Sunday’s stir fry dinner starts things off. Grilled chicken and brown rice with zucchini, red pepper, spinach, and a spoonful of peanuts.


Monday’s breakfast. It looks like I put a lot of butter on my waffles, but in my defense, it was hard to spread it across the entirety, so it just looks jumbled. Those berries were divine!


Lunch on Monday. I love a good salad, but lately I’ve been preferring the hotness of a stir fry. This one includes baby spinach, pepper, tomato, cucumber, and carrots with feta, grilled chicken and sesame ginger dressing.


This morning’s veggie-heavy scramble with chicken sausage, spinach, red pepper, and mushrooms.


Now off to fit in a workout and get studying!

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