I Pulled A Stale Pretzel Out of My Purse and Ate It

The title speaks the truth. It’s weird because I don’t even eat pretzels all that much. If I want some salt, my preferred choice would be tostitos or cheezits. I think people were eating pretzels at work the other day, so one must have fallen into my bag. That is no excuse as for why I would have popped it into my mouth, but it was more of a gut reaction than anything. I think the heat is getting to me.

You can see I am a true foodie…

After breakfast yesterday, I took some time to get organized. I have a bunch of cover letters and resumes saved from last summer’s job search that I definitely don’t need anymore, so I cleared them all out among other files I don’t need. To clean my room, I folded and put away laundry and tidied up my desk.

By the time I finished cleaning, I was ready for a workout. It was super cold in the water when I first dove in, but it felt nice and refreshing, especially as I got moving. I swam a mile and some change before calling it for the day.

I needed to pick up some groceries, so I helped myself to the Whole Foods salad/hot bar. I don’t know what it is about the way they cook their vegetables, but they are so good! I love the mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers in particular. Whenever I try to grill them over the pan, they come out mushy. Maybe I use too much oil. I stacked my bowl with veggies and tossed in a scoop of the creamy macaroni and cheese and a chicken finger.


Before work, I fit in some quality studying time. As an English major in undergrad and an Education major for my master’s, I didn’t do a ton of studying in the sense I am now. Whatever studying I did do focused a lot on memorizing, but there is so much information on the test and I don’t think that’s the best method. Plus, the information I am trying to learn is not just for the test, it’s for my livelihood. I’m used to reading, analyzing, and dissecting passages into essays, so I’m struggling a bit to find my best methods. Yesterday, I tried a new strategy that seems to be going better than what I was doing before.

Last night, I also spent a great deal of time writing. It’s been difficult lately because I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I can’t focus on just one. I’m afraid if I don’t write every idea and all that comes with it down, then I’ll lose the thought. I need to be better focused on one idea so the writing actually gets done! Here’s a little product of my procrastination of studying and writing last night.


As I said in my instagram post: Not all art is beautiful, but there is beauty in all art. I just like to write in cursive and draw with crayons.

Dinner included grilled turkey tips, zucchini with marinara and a little parmesan, and spinach rice. Sorry about the lack of picture. I got home late and guzzled it down!

This morning, it was hot again and though I had an interest in some pancakes, that egg/waffle combination got to me first. Less exertion in the end! I cracked two eggs into the pan, swished them around with a pat of butter, and scrambled them into what I feel are perfect eggs. A sprinkle of cheese on top with some salt and pepper added to the perfection. Along with two crispy, buttery waffles, I found solace in having fresh berries again with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries added to half of a chopped banana.


I know I need to start making my own waffles in my waffle maker, but convenience is just easier sometimes, especially when it’s hot! I’ll be in the market for some new recipes.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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