Olaf Got It Right About Summer

Last night was the epitome of why summer’s rock. There was a lot to celebrate and I will get to that soon! First, let’s talk about the other events of the day.

After breakfast and blogging, I took myself to the gym for a heavy strength training workout. I started off with six power moves- deadlifts, shoulder presses, rows, squat presses, leg presses, and bench presses. I performed each move in 10 sets of reps of 10x10x8x8x6x6x4x4x2x2, moving up in weight each time. After, I went through a circuit of bicep curls, lying shoulder flies, tricep extensions, front raises, cleans and presses, and high pulls, 4 sets of 12 reps each.

For a hit of cardio, I worked through a Plyometrics circuit- box jumps, skater jumps, jumping jacks, high knees, lunges, and jump roping. To stretch out my legs, I cycled it out on the bike for a 15 minute ride.

Back at home, it was time to refuel and cool down. I had leftover chicken, rice, and veggies from the other night, which made things easier. For fat, I had a handful of cashews.


I topped off my meal with a popsicle and a dip in the pool as I studied my Personal Training. Though the medical stuff is a little overwhelming right now, it’s been cool to learn more about the processes of the body. It really puts it into the perspective of realizing what a miracle the body is. So let’s treat them right!

As I was finishing up my studying, my aunt, uncle, and cousins came over to celebrate! There were two birthdays, an exciting going away to college goodbye, and a new job! We swam in the pool on a muggy night, ordered dinner out (a salad with steak tips and half a pita for me), then played some games, which inevitably ended up in my neighbors’ pool. Don’t worry, they were there too.

There’s something special about swimming on an August night with the stars shining bright above along with your closest family and friends.

As we dried off, we had a yummy cake and ice cream.

This morning, I woke up with a hankering for a creamy bowl of oats, despite the fact that it’s even hotter and muggier out than the past few days. I heated up some milk, mashed half a banana and tossed some oats in the pan along with a dash of cinnamon, a swirl of vanilla, two generous tablespoons of white chocolate peanut butter, and stirred. When it was cooked, I added a tablespoon of pomegranate craisins and a tablespoon of toasted coconut. Red grapes were the only fruit left, so it’s a good thing I love (and demolished) ’em!


Now for another day of studying, writing, and working. Let’s see what good can come from it!

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