Happy Birthday…And Then I Threw Up

21 years and some months ago on this very day, a four year old Caitlin slid down the wall in a department store crying and promptly threw up. This scene could have occurred at any point in my childhood as I have always been dramatic and still on occasion, throw up when I’m overly excited. This scene in particular details the moment I realized I was no longer going to be my Uncle Mike and Aunt Stacy’s favorite.

We can say that I am their favorite niece (they won’t admit it out loud in front of other people but we know it to be true), but I did not take the announcement of my soon-to-be cousin’s arrival very well. Especially when it was followed up with a brother AND another little cousin!


One might say it was a slow climb, but we got there eventually. I even named my favorite baby doll after her, Erin Elizabeth.


We’ve always been cousins, but over the past few years, we’ve grown to be friends. There are few people in this world who can make me laugh as hard than these two suckers.


From our shenanigans at family parties (they should know by now to separate us…)


To drinking wine and playing Jax with our mothers who made us this crazy.


Deciding last minute to buy tickets to a One Direction concert and knowing almost every word to each song.


And having the same expression to mock the people taking selfie videos in front of us.


Looking pretty cool in our twin helmets while horseback riding.


Knowing that friends Snapchat each other and family Snapchat each other and screenshot the embarrassing moments.


Going to the same college and being an alleged beacon of support and guidance when we both know we’re just going to get into more trouble.


Face timing when we’re separated during the holidays and trying to look ridiculous.


And knowing how to get dressed up just as well.


To Erin on your 21st birthday, here’s to many more years of laughter, fun, and wine!!!

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