Jalapeño Kitchen

Did you catch my pun?! (Am I not supposed to point it out to you?)

I haven’t been much of a chief cheftess in the kitchen as of late due to the abnormality of my schedule, but I’m itchin’ to get back into the kitchen.

Breakfast is the one meal I take a lot of time for preparation and lately I’ve been all about the eggs. In California, I had an omelet or veggie scramble every day and that craving has not yet subsided. My favorite part of those breakfasts were the chopped jalapeños that got tossed into the mix. I attempted to recreate it myself and though the egg dish was delicious and healthy, the jalapeños did not have the same zing. I wonder if they were marinated first or something. Anyone an expert at jalapeños? I’ll have to do a Google search myself.

The dish was still yummy and filling and also included chopped tomatoes, baby spinach, and some cheese. I stir fried the veggies first before breaking two eggs over and scrambling everything together. Cheese was sprinkled on last. Whole wheat sour dough toast with a little butter and jelly as well as a bowl of blueberries, strawberries, and half a banana rounded out the meal.

I have an afternoon of errands planned, including my exercise, so I knew I needed a substantial breakfast to get me going and keep me fueled. A tall glass of water, a cup of coffee, and tea will also keep me energized.

A swim and some kind of there goth workout I haven’t decided on yet will be on the menu for exercise and after I refuel post-workout, studying is very much the only thing on my agenda. For a break every once in awhile, I will look up some different recipes to try for lunch and dinner. I’m at the stage where I am very good at tossing a stir fry together and following a recipe, but it want to branch out more. Like with anything, practice makes better, which means I need to try more recipes until I grow comfortable with techniques. Cooking makes healthy eating so much easier because there are a bored of possibilities you may never have considered.

Anyone have a recipe they’d like to share? 

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