It’s A Cucumber! It’s A Zucchini! It’s a Cucchini!

I could just be the greatest gardener of them all and that’s without even trying all that hard. To say that I am an attentive gardener would be a far reach, but I’ve had some success that I will share some of with my mom.

My tomato plants are flourishing, I have a pepper growing bigger each day- it’s brother fell off and died- and today, I realized there’s even a strawberry growing! One thing that’s been different this year is the slowness of my cucumbers and zucchinis.

While I was away, my brother sent me a picture of what could have been either a cucumber or zucchini that was the size of his arm. When we cut into it, it still wasn’t clear exactly what it was. It looked like a zucchini with seeds inside and when we tasted it, it had a weird flavor and texture.

During my study time, I ventured out into the garden for a little procrastination and wanted to inspect the plants further. Turns out, my cucumber and zucchini plants have grown very close together, which leads me to believe that they have mated. We could possibly have a cucchini or zucumber on our hands! I can’t claim that it tasted all that great or that I had anything to do with it other than planting them close together, but you all should still be just a little bit impressed.

I have yet to enjoy anything from my garden this year, but for lunch , I cut up some store bought zucchini, summer squash, and carrots and tossed them together in a stir fry with shrimp. For a marinade, I swirled a swig of soy sauce, a squirt of mustard, and a dash of garlic. Mixed altogether, it creates a delicious flavoring to vegetables, chicken, or fish and the best part is, I know exactly what’s inside the condiment! To accompany the stir fry, I heated up the rest of the leftover macaroni and cheese.


For dinner, I put together a quick salad with baby spinach as the base. I added carrots, tomato, and peppers for veggies, walnuts for some fat, craisins for sweetness, and topped it with chopped grilled chicken and a drizzle of poppyseed dressing. I had a slice of toast for an extra hit of carbs as well as some popcorn a little later on in the evening.


My workout for today started off with a swim. I was nervous hopping into the pool because I was afraid my newly dyed blonde hair would turn green. That did not seem to be the case and I swam my way through a mile+. I had missed swimming after having been on vacation and it felt good to be back in the water!

After I dried off and realized that I did not have green hair, I worked my way through a dumbbell circuit, performing each move in 4 sets of 12 reps at lower weights. The circuit included bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder raises, clean and presses, front raises, and lunges with monkey arms. I ran through another circuit, this time with medicine balls. I started with side lunges with a chop, wall rotations, squat tosses, kneeling kickbacks, mermaid raises, and a combination of hundreds to sit ups to Russian twists that was a killer move that I love to hate already! To end things off on a sweet note, I did a series of planks that left my core feeling the burn.

You better believe that I showered right away after my workout so as not to test the chlorine on my hair. I endured many hours of studying after and all I can tell you is that no matter how icky, blood is important. Also! Apparently, the calorie burn begins even when you are anticipating exercising. You still have to go through with the actual exercising though. Get moving!

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