Part Four: A True Hollywood Experience

Last Monday, Molly and I woke up for breakfast, then readied for a day at warner Brothers studios. This was something I have never done before, so I was looking forward to it. There was one thing in particular that I wanted to do more than anything and we will get to that in a little bit.

The ride to Burbank was a short one, but we had reservations and it’s always better to be a little early than a little late. It was pretty cool to see the water tower with the Warner Brothers symbols and to think of all the cool shows and movies that are/were filmed there- hello, Friends and Gilmore Girls are in my top five favorite shows ever!

Once we arrived, we sat outside in the beautiful sunshine and waited a few minutes for our tour. One thing we also have in common is the constant need for a bathroom, so much of our trip was spent locating a useable facility. 

At our designated time, we headed into the building and watched a brief video of introduction before it was time to head out for the tour. It was cool to see a montage of everything that Warner Brothers created and it made me even more excited to get started.

Our tour guide was very nice and knew what she was talking about but as Molly can attest, there was one small issue. She did not know how to drive the vehicle. She claimed that this particular cart was the troublesome one and I’m inclined to believe her, mostly because I felt embarrassed for her, but there were frequent times when we had to make 10-point turns (not embellishing) or where there were audible gasps from the group because we thought we were going to crash.

Along the way, we saw moments from our favorite scenes that make you appreciate movie magic and how real things look. For example, the town in Gilmore Girls that is just a part of the set. I mean, it’s weird, but fascinating.

After meandering our way through the different outdoor sets, like if a shot was needed of an exterior of a house, we took our first stop into a museum that featured set pieces from Batman and way more importantly, Harry Potter.

My favorite part of the Harry Potter exhibit was this signed copy of the books by JK Rowling.

 My least favorite part was the giant spider mannequin they had that made me scream and run away. This is the second time it has made an appearance in my life without me expecting it and I was not happy. No, I did not bother to take a picture of the atrocity.

 I also got sorted (Ravenclaw, thanks much) and got yelled at for touching the troll. Don’t regret it.
We drove around some of the buildings that house where shows and movies film indoor sets, including that of FRIENDS. it may have been over ten years ago now that they filmed the last season of that show, but it still gave me chills just to be in the area. 

The next stop was into an exhibit that made my brother Jimmy envious. There were a bunch of vehicles from the Batman films over the years, which were cool because most of htm were fully operating and life sized, but it wasn’t like we could drive them. I don’t know much about cars, so it wasn’t the most exciting part to me, but it was fun to see. I took a ton of pictures for Jimmy.

As always, I am often first in line when it comes to walking tours, so I led the charge into one of the studios where they film the show, The Fosters. I’ve not seen the show, but it was still cool to see what it’s like on a TV set as hopefully one day,  I will be wandering around one of my own. I can only imagine the freak out that would have occurred had it been one of my beloved shows. There were no pictures allowed in this particular part, but you can just take my word for it- it’s cool.

We walked our way to the prop store and it was here that Molly started to grow really excited. It was the same sort of excitement that was alight in her eyes as she leapt across the car to see Mario Lopez, so I knew she thought she saw a celebrity. Keyword on thought. She could not get the words out in her excitement and she actually started to sweat as she pointed out a man moving one of the props. She thought it was Liam Neeson. It was definitely not Liam Neeson. Needless to say, I had a good laugh. We did find th crowns from Miss Confeniality, one of my favorite films of all time!

It was with chagrin that we got back into our cart for one last ride around the studios. Mostly because we almost hit what even I knew to be a fancy car. I did look around the parking lot at all the trailers, but I don’t think many shows or films were shooting at this time. The driver did claim that she once saw Ben Affleck and he waved at her, but that has happened to me as well, on The Town set, in Boston, so no biggie, girl. 

Our final stop was another exhibit that heavily featured the second greatest show on earth, Friends. We made another stop into the bathroom until I ran my way into the room that held the place where all my dreams came true. Yes, this is the Friends couch. Yes, I sat on it. Yes, many people have come before me and many people will come after, but I don’t care about any of them. Just me and my six besties. It was thrilling and I only got up because the secriity dude was shuffling someone else onto it. Rude.

 We wandered around a little bit more, taking in pictures and props from important sets, until we stumbled upon the green screen. We could choose from a number of vehicles to sit on and take for a little ride. There was no competition for me. Harry Potter broomstick all the way. They even had a little robe to put on and I laughed my way through it.

On our way out, we even got to hold a real Oscar. It was heavier than I expected, but I did my best to smile wide and hold it as I’ve seen many celebrities do before me.

In the gift shop, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of myself wearing this hat, but I was able to resist buying it.

By the time we finished, we were hungry, so we stopped at a restaurant we had seen on the way, Dog Haus. The hot dog was delicious, but huge and I think it’s still digesting in my stomach! Still, it was much needed after a busy and exciting afternoon.

That night for dinner, still full, Molly and I met her aunt and uncle. We each had small plates and a glass of sangria as we chatted outdoors in the restaurant that I thought was very nice. It was interesting to see a part of California that was not Los Angeles and it was very nice of Molly’s aunt and uncle to spend the evening with us.

Back at the hotel, we watched some more questionable TV and rested for the day ahead.


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