Jump Right Back Into It

In the mornings/afternoons, I will be posting about my big California trip, but I also want to stay updated with daily occurrences. As you’ll see in the updates, I did a fair share of walking, hiking, and swimming during my trip, but I did not have any organized exercise time. There was a tiny gym in the hotel, but it wasn’t open during hours that we would have gone and we weren’t going to forgo any of our valuable time to it. As I’ve also mentioned, there was quite a bit of indulgence during the trip, which means it’s now time to detox that I’m home.

I don’t do the whole juice cleanse or any kind of cleanse really because I don’t think it would be worth the misery, both mine and all of those around me. All you need to do is get back into the normal routine of healthy, whole, real foods and things will return to normal.

I woke up way later than usual this morning, but we can crack that up to me being used to three hours behind. It was a bit of a shock to have left at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and to arrive home close to midnight, but at least that happened at the end of the trip and we gained three hours at the beginning!

For breakfast this morning, I stirred up some peanut butter oats. I added blueberries and strawberries to the mix for some sweetness and chowed down. I savored my oats with a cup of coffee, followed by some green tea, which is a great natural detoxant (detox-er?)!


Another important thing to get right back into are your workouts! I got myself to the gym for a strength workout, starting with slightly less weight than usual and building up to more as I felt stronger. I was definitely feeling the soreness, which I view as an extra good thing because now I can bust through a plateau that had been building. Sometimes a little rest is much needed!

After handling the weights, I made my way through a body strength workout that focused a lot on my core. I was surprised that my legs were tired more so than my arms because I definitely was active during vacation, but I think sitting in a cramped airplane will do that to you. I finished my workout with a moderate twenty minute ride on the bike.

Because I woke up so late, I had more of a breakfast/lunch situation going on and worked out when it could have been considered lunch time, so I stuck with two meals. Now it’s time to scour the kitchen for something to eat for dinner!


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