Those Aren’t The Sniffles, I’m Just Crying

Greetings! I am all discombobulated because I have the sniffles. I am trying very hard to ignore them because the last time I had a summer cold, it was terrible. I couldn’t even stand up straight. The fear now is that I leave on vacation with my friend on Friday and I’d very much like not to feel like crap. I’m drinking a ton of tea and water and taking Vitamin C, so we are being optimistic!

I should have known things were growing icky the day before yesterday, but I thought I was just having allergy symptoms to my cat or the air conditioner was getting to me. Then yesterday, I went to swim laps and was just feeling off. I was a little dizzy during my turns which is not usual and I just couldn’t get into my groove. I did reach a mile, but I was ready to be done. My strength routine of dumbbells and medicine balls went great beforehand, so it didn’t occur to me that a cold was brewing until after my swim. Yelp!

I woke up very early this morning to take some cold medicine and drink some water. It helped me sleep for a little while and I was feeling better until I started typing this. Colds suck in the winter, but they are worse in humid and hot temperatures. 

For breakfast, I made three attempts before something stuck. Since I am feeling sickly, I thought a cold smoothie might do the trick, but after I took out all the ingredients, I found the blender dirty and in need of a deep soak. I thought I’d go for a breakfast sandwich instead and realized we were out of English muffins, no fear there because there’s always a package in the freezer! I took one out and defrosted it only to realize it was a cinnamon raisin English muffin. Fine, I wound up making an omelet that was delicious!

This was a seriously good omelet! I heated the pan and coated it with a thin layer of butter. I cracked two eggs into the pan and mixed them in with the remaining pat of butter and just left it while I chopped some fruit and toasted my English muffin. Once it was sturdy all the way through,  I flipped the omelet, topped it with some ham and cheese, and dropped it onto a plate. These strawberries and blueberries were so sweet and juicy. All’s well that ends well!

With just the sniffles, I would usually work myself through a low-impact workout and I might walk in a little bit, but I am being extra cautious due to my vacation plans and I don’t want to do any harm. Running, especially in these heat is a big no-no. A day of rest may just be what the doctor ordered. I’ll make sure to do an extra hour of studying for good measure.

Also, I’m super excited because after I finished blogging yesterday and wondering what I would read next, a book came off hold. It’s called Station Eleven and it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in the sense that technology has died. When I read that there was no internet, I am embarrassed to say that I gasped out loud. So far, I’m enjoying it, but I am taking this one at a much slower pace. 

What are you reading?

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