My Cat Wants Me To Fail

I was trying to study, but my cat decided it was time to pay attention to him and he jumped up and sat on my textbook. Fine. I had videos I could watch anyways and I did so until Bandit hopped up and sat on my keyboard. He’s not helping with this certification. Whether or not he’s out for world domination is a constant question. He will just have to settle for tormenting me. Thankfully, he got bored and decided it was time to stretch out on my yoga mat.

At the gym today, I swam my usual mile plus something a little extra, then headed upstairs to work through a body strength and light weight circuit. I started with knee ups, kettlebell swings, squats, bicep curls, lunges, punches, box jumps, kneeling kickbacks, push ups, hip lifts more lunges, and high knees. I finished with another circuit of abs and a touch of jump rope- planks, sit ups, leg lifts, bicycle crunches, and v ups. By the end, I was beat and very much ready for a relaxing shower.

For lunch, I enjoyed the same dish as yesterday. My caprese pasta salad over a regular salad with some beans. For an extra hit of protein and hint of sweetness, I snacked on almonds and grapes.

As for the remainder of the day, I studied some more, walked with my mom and the dog, and studied again. For a snack, I had some popcorn and a tangerine that wasn’t quite ready to be eaten, but it was still tasty.

Dinner was chicken with a cranberry glaze, stuffing, asparagus, and brown spinach rice. Kind of a wintery meal, but delicious!

I’ve been fairly good with eating for the past few weeks and have lost a few pounds. The one thing I always always want is ice cream! I need to learn to tame that constant urge, though to be honest, it’s kind of a year round thing.

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