It’s The Freakin’ Weekend

I’m obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It has it’s cheesy moments, but it is just so good and addicting. Good television does this. It’s silly to be thankful for Netflix, but I am so thankful and yet furious it exists all at once because all I want to do is watch!

I am ready for the weekend to begin, mostly because I want to sleep. I hope it rains, at least on Saturday or Sunday morning, so I can snuggle under my covers and enjoy it. It’s not fun waking up to the alarm with the pouring rain and knowing I have to go out in it.

It was, thankfully, not raining on Thursday morning when I got up and ready for my daily gym grind. I tried a different strength workout that incorporated body strength and kettlebell moves. I only had time to do two sets of twelve reps before I made it down to the pool for my mile swim. Like I always say, I’m obsessed with swimming. Since I’ve been doing it regularly again, I haven’t suffered from such joint or muscle pain.

I came home for a breakfast of Greek yogurt with blueberries and a bowl of raisin bran. I’ve been terrible at snapping pictures lately! I did remember to get one of this delicious omelet I made for myself for lunch. Along with a salad, it was divine!


Dinner was something a little different. Tacos made with turkey meat, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, jalapeños, and shredded cheese. A dollop of sour cream and salsa accompanied it with a side of spinach. Tasty, yet light, satisfying meal!

When I got home from work, I went out for a long walk. It was refreshing to be back out in the sunshine! After, I sprayed this disgusting smelling spray around my garden that is harmLESS to animals, but keeps their little paws and jaws off my zucchini plants!

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