Springtime is A Happy Time

I’m just sitting here typing away outside in my backyard because it is freaking spectacular out. Seriously, I’m just obsessed with this weather. No one can be mad at this weather.

It helped that I got my day started off the right way. I mean, how can you not be utterly overjoyed when this face greets you? This is part of my Harry Potter tear away calendar and I just find it so funny that it’s literally just a picture of Filch. Speaking of, it’s almost that time again!! My annual Harry Potter reread is one of my favorite parts of the summer.

Before then, I have a few books I need to finish!

To really fey my day going, I took it to the mat to do a Yoga flow. Listen, my body is not ready so early to do Yoga. I am so stiff. I’m thinking I need to mix things up a bit and run first in order to loosen everything up. I thought it would be the opposite, but man, it was tricky. I did get my run in after. 3.1 miles of running and I finished up the fourth mile with a walk. To end, I did a few sprints that really got the heart racing.

It was so nice out that not even almost getting hit by a car prevented me from enjoying my run. Seriously, a car hugged the curb too tight, never came to a stop at a stop sign and almost took me out. She didn’t even look at me, either because she didn’t notice, which is a huge problem in itself, or because she was ignoring my screaming at her. The big issue is that a child had just been walking his dog in that same spot a moment before me and he might not have thought to stop like I did.

Be careful driving, friends! Especially now that it’s so nice out again.

I got home a little later than usual, so I had time only for a bowl of cereal before heading into work. A little chopped banana made things a little sweeter. Once I got to work, I had a cup of Greek Yogurt I found at Trader Joes- peanut butter and jelly! It was interesting. Not bad, but also not my favorite. I do like putting my own peanut butter into plain Greek yogurt and I suspect that has way less sugar.

Lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of veggie sticks and some popcorn. It was just one of those days.

Dinner is in the process of being grilled as I speak. Grilled chicken, a great big Greek salad, some green beans, and a baked potato.

In other breaking news of the day, I ate some moldy gum. I didn’t know gum could mold. But it does.

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