May the Fourth Be With You

Time to do a little recap of the weekend. Friday night, my friend Stephanie came to town for a little roomie reunion. First stop was pizza and salad for dinner. The pizza was hot and I was hungry, so I ended up burning the roof of my mouth that is still tender. Not fun, but still tasty.

After dinner was time to go see the new Avengers movie. I like action films and I love Chris Evans, but this one was not as good as the original and nowhere near as good as the recent Captain America Winter Soldier. I think there were so many characters and too long action sequences that quality dialogue and character development got lost. I think I would have feared for the end of the world a little more if there was more sentimentality involved. Still a quality movie, but not as good as their usual.

Saturday was Red Sox day! Stephanie and I headed into Boston during the late morning and had lunch at our favorite old haunt, UBurger. It’s seriously the best burger in town. The fries and onion rings aren’t so bad either.

After lunch, we headed into the game. We had pretty good seats and the sun was shining, but the game was a little blah. When I, at the game, I like to see a ton of runs scored to keep the momentum going. I hate when pitchers move so slowly because it prevents a natural rhythm flowing on either side. I would like to remind you of when I posted right before the season starting that Blake Swihart would be our starting catcher come May. I went to the game on May 2nd and saw his debut. I’m a little psychic, but hella baseball savvy. Just don’t let me buy his jersey.

 The afternoon was still pleasant, even after a disappointing loss, so we took advantage of walking around the city. There were definitely a lot of people out, but I think everyone was just in a good mood because of the long winter we had. We walked up Newbury Street, around the Common, and back down Boylston where we stopped at another old college favorite for dinner.

This place has the best Chinese food. Often times when I eat Chinese, it’s too oily and doesn’t sit right in my stomach. This was not the case. We split an order of crab Rangoon, spring rolls, and sesame chicken with brown rice. Perfect size for sharing! To walk off dinner, we took the train stop farthest away from where we were. Throughout the day, I racked up 16,500 steps!

That night, we had a bit of a movie marathon. I can’t remember the name but the first movie we watched starred Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, two of my favorites, but it was a little strange. Amy was flawless as usual and it was meant to make a mockery of romantic comedies, but it was a tad too silly for my tastes. Next, we watched a strange little thriller called The Babadook that was just weird and not as scary as our typical standards.

Sunday morning brought my peanut butter pancakes. It was seriously so nice out and I couldn’t wait to get outside! After Stephanie headed home in the early afternoon, I laced up my sneakers and took off for a run. I did 3.1 miles but was feeling tightness in my calves. I topped it off with a 3 mile walk and a few sprints once my legs loosened up. After getting some chores done, I headed out for a 2 mile walk with my mom. Overall, I set a new record for steps- 20,000. Every single one was worth it out there in the he sun and warmth. It was such a perfect day.

I finished off my day with a quality writing session. I’ve been staying up about an hour later than usual to write and so far it hasn’t effected my morning workouts or made me too tired. If anything, I, feeling even better knowing I’m making time for my passion. It fills the soul in other ways.

I got up this morning and took myself to the gym for a strength workout. It was an intense one with a to of heavy weights using the barbell. Performing each move in reps of 10x10x8x8x6x6x4x4, I kept raising the weight. My routine included dead lifts, bicep curls, rows, high pulls, shoulder presses, squat presses, leg presses, bench presses, shoulder raises, and tricep extensions. It took so long, I didn’t have time for cardio, but that’s quite alright because I went for a nice walk with my mom in the afternoon.

Breakfast was a quick egg sandwich made on an English muffin with pepperjack cheese, ham, and an egg. It actually kept me full until lunch, later in the day than usual. I enjoyed a stir fry made with chicken, black beans, veggies, and cilantro lime brown rice I made based off of Chipotle. All I did was toss cilantro, lime juice, and olive lil into the rice pan. It was quite good and something a little different! I had an orange for dessert.

For an afternoon snack, I enjoyed some Trader Joe’s peanut butter cup trail mix that has little peanut butter cups, dried cherries, almonds, and cashews. It’s my favorite- the right combination of nutritious and indulgent!

On the even more beautiful Monday- 80 degrees!- dinner was a fresh piece of swordfish grilled with some peppers and zucchini. I had a little brown spinach rice to go with it, along with some of these crunchy green bean fries and leftover cauliflower.

And finally, May the Fourth Be With You! Happy Star Wars day!


  Just ignore the fact that this posted a day after…


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